Temminck's Courser / Courvite de Temminck

Temminck’s Courser / Courvite de Temminck, Lac Rose

This page contains a number of useful resources about birds and birdwatching in Dakar and Senegal. Additional links may be found in an older compilation provided by the original team behind Senegal Wildlife, accessible here.

It’s work in progress and ultimately we’d like to make this page available in both English and French – for now, it’s still a bit of a mélange of both…

General websites

Blogs & Websites about birds & nature in Dakar and Senegal…

…and further afield:

Books & Papers





Colour-ring recoveries

  • cr-birding: portal to most active colour-ring projects in Europe and beyond
  • anillamiento: the Spanish bird ring database, to report and consult recoveries.



Autres: reptiles, rongeurs, chauves-souris



Python, Parc de Hann (Dakar)