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Kulikoro firefinch. A photo of the first live observation for Senegal, 2011.

Mali Firefinch. A photo of the first live observation for Senegal of this south-west Mali/south-east Senegal endemic. Dindefelo, 2011. © Jose Maria Fernandez-Garcia.

This blog and associated web pages grew out of a desire to exchange information on sightings of birds and occasionally other fauna in Senegal and interesting places to see birds, fulfilling a gap for resident and visiting birders.

Whilst there are many admirable biodiversity projects in Senegal,  there remains rather little easily accessible, published information on the “what, where, when, how many?”.  These form, whether as simple trip lists or more rigorous sampling programmes, the basics of state of the nation reports on biodiversity and the information that wildlife tourists, with their contribution to local economies, need.

Short-biled dowicher, Gadiol (St. Louis) October 2012. A first for both Senegal and Africa discovered by a visiting birder. © Alexander Hiley

Short-biled dowicher, Gandiol (St. Louis) October 2012. A first for both Senegal and Africa discovered by a visiting birder. © Alexander Hiley

The Blog is skewed towards Dakar, particularly Technopole and Ngor, which provide the best birding within Dakar ville.


 How to become involved and contact

The blog, since its inception in 2011, has found a small audience that contributes sightings and a means to meet up for birding. If you are resident in or visiting Dakar and have an interest in birds get in touch through Birdingpal portal. Advice is always available and contributions to the blog or of your trip reports welcome.

The authors

Bram Piot is a birder with a keen interest in African birds, which he’s had the privilege of discovering mainly during his work travels throughout the continent. Since February 2015, he lives in Dakar from where he hopes to gradually explore Senegal and further contribute to the knowledge of its avifauna.

Simon Cavaillès is an ornithologist with a long standing interest in Senegal and especially the Delta  du Saloum, where he undertook his masters and has returned many times.

Paul Robinson wrote most of the blog posts prior to 2015 while living in Dakar. Paul is now back in the UK but remains an invaluable reference on Senegal’s birds.

One response to “About / A propos”

  1. theodorusp says :

    After arriving in Dakar 6 months ago, my interest in birds and birding has re-awoken. I am very happy to have found some enthousiastic birders and ornithologists. Bram thank you for introducing me to this blog. Keep up the good work. Theo

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