Technopole water levels drop and the gulls return


For the first time in six months the water levels are low enough to walk across to the golf course club house and the fisherman’s hut on the main lake, almost without wading. Near the latter, islands  are beginning to reappear, as are the  gulls that have been in recent months flying straight over the site. Amongst a hundred or so black-headed gulls in breeding plumage, what I guess is one of the original 2012 Franklin’s gulls appeared (second from left). Rarer for Technopole (and  a site tick for me) was  this fine adult yellow-legged gull in the centre of the picture. West African birds are thought to be of Azores origin, but I am unsure of the sub-specific status of this bird. Any helpers?

Eleswhere on the site a marsh harrier, rare here, was  hunting the edges of the  northern, deep water lake and two female painted snipe were under their usual tamarisk bush to the right of the golf course path with a few wood sandpiper and ruff, all very approachable.


It was a later afternoon visit around 18h, unsual for me, and white faced whistling ducks seemed to be flying in to roost, with a total  of c300, along with three garganey.


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