Lac de Guiers 31 July

flamants20130731aToday was my second visit to the delightful Tocc Tocc  reserve and its neighbouring village, Pakh. With the rice harvested and the fields  drained, though soon to be re-flooded for the second sowing, there were fewer waterbirds. Still, the three marsh terns (black, white-winged black and whiskered) flew over the lake and several river prinias were singing from the lake margins. Winding cisticolas were still territorial over the harvested fields and several small groups of zebra waxbills feeding in the field edges were an exciting find. I have only otherwise seen this species at  Djoudj. A nervous flock of c300 lesser flamingos provided the day’s photo opportunities, flying with one black-tailed godwit in the picture above. These numbers are the largest  I know of in Senegal away from Djoudj for this Red List “Near Threatened” species.



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