Technopole 24 July

threegodwitsThe rains arrive slowly and the level of water in the main lake at Technopole continues to fall, enabling easier access to view and photograph the waders, terns and gulls. Black-tailed godwits (now past 100), black tern, ruff and wood sandpiper (40-50 or so each) and common sandpiper (c10) continue to increase. The black-tailed godwits above appear to be two in winter plumage and one (centre) with a few of the more brightly coloured breeding plumage feathers on the back. I am told by an expert on the species that returning adults already moulted and birds born in 2012 that might have spent the intervening months here are probably not distinguishable on plumage, so unfortunately we cannot say what proportion of the birds here are early returning breeders.

fourfranks2Meanwhile the four Franklin’s gulls obligingly lined up today for a photo. As a bizarre point of fact, this becomes, we believe, the largest group ever recorded on the eastern side of the Atlantic. A note will be published soon.



One response to “Technopole 24 July”

  1. Flemming Quist says :

    Great observation with the four Franklin’s gulls.

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