Technopole 8 May and a Manx shearwater corpse at Ngor

curlewsandThe abundance and diversity of Palearctic waders continues, as it should, to dwindle. This curlew  sandpiper was the most interesting. Otherwise, last week’s little stints have left, common ringed plovers are now the only species in double figures and the rest were less than  five each of greenshank, sanderling, common sandpiper and whimbrel. A summer plumage black-headed gull remains in the small gull flock.

Of resident and inter-African migrants, the count of 7 African darters was higher than recently, long-tailed cormorants and little grebes, both in low hundreds, were the most numerous waterbirds. Sacred ibis and black heron remain, neither widespread birds in Senegal.

manx2manx1A wander along the beach at Ngor produced this Manx shearwater. This is one of several shearwater species with a trans-equatorial migration route, using trade winds to ease flight, that takes is past Senegal in autumn and up the west Atlantic in spring, further explained here.

manxThe looped migration from predominantly British and Irish breeding colonies hints that a spring bird here off Dakar is off course.



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