Technopole 2 May

pelicansThis time of year sees perhaps the lowest total numbers of waterbirds here, fewer than 500 from a rough and lazy count,  but still new arrivals. After last year’s bumper breeding season of black-winged stilts, the first bird appeared to be sitting on a half hidden nest platform and a hundred or so others were maybe waiting for a further decline in the water levels. The 90 plus pink-backed pelicans (above) are a transitory feature. With huge numbers of common terns offshore, it was  not a surprise to see 8 here amongst the gull-billed terns and slender-billed gulls.


Palearctic passerines are now nil, but some waders remain, predominantly common ringed plovers, a few summer plumaged little stints and one each of grey plover, sanderling, curlew sandpiper, common sandpiper, whimbrel and greenshank.

waders2Of resident or inter-African migrants, numbers of little grebes and intermediate egrets are building up, a couple of black herons remain umbrella fishing and greater swamp-warblers are in loud song.



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