Ngor 25 April

aviewThis is the time of year to visit Ile de Ngor again. Plenty has been written about what to see in October, at this great seawatching point, but not much about spring, which was wonderful on the few days we managed to get out last year. Today was a rush across to the island, but happily my collegue was late so I set up my telescope on the beach to have a look at the terns perched on boats in the bay and there was a summer plumaged adult  roseate and a lesser crested amongst the several hundred sandwich and common, with many more too distant to identify.

dauphins1Offshore I did not really give a proper look other than to note rafts of hundreds of Cory’s and Cape Verde shearwaters apparently attracted by the Sardinella  along with the terns. Two groups totalling 20 to 30 bottle-nosed dolphins swam back and forth fishing. As ever here, the cetacean and seabird activity was a bit too far offshore for easy identification and begged being on one of the fishing pirogues or sport fishing boats a kilometre or so offshore, where views would have been wonderful.

dauphins2dauphins3dauphins4The concrete sea gazing benches have been romantically mosaic’d since my last visit.



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