News on the origins of last weekend’s Eurasian spoonbill


Thanks to Otto Overdijk for his as ever super-rapid response to the information request on last weekend’s Eurasian spoonbill. It proves to be a seven year old Dakar regular.  Ringed as a nestling in August 2005 in the Netherlands, it was sighted at Technopole in October of the same year and then two months later at Djoudj by long standing Djoudj birder Idrissa Ndiaye. In June 2006 it was seen at Marquenterre on the Somme in northern France. In 2007 it was again seen at Technopole in March and (by Senegal Wildlife’s Flemming Quist) April. Otto Overdijk saw it at Mauritania’s Banc d’Arguin in May 2010 and now it is back in Dakar. The information gaps as always might be just periods with no one looking here.


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