Technopole 17 May

Last weekend saw the celebration of World Migratory Bird Day and there is more on that in the next posting. Today, with a public holiday, allowed a quick afternoon visit to Technopole for an hour to scan the southern lake. The number of gulls continues to be impressive, with an uncounted, but certainly more than 1000 slender-billed gulls dominating and occasionally rising up in noisy flight. Many adults, presumably still en route to breeding colonies, whilst the remaining grey-headed gulls are all immatures.

Part of the large gathering of slender-billed gulls

The commonest Palearctic gull remains Audouin’s gull and numbers have been fairly stable for a month now, with 78 birds, a mix of second and third year birds, counted today.

Sone of today’s Audouin’s gulls

59 gull-billed terns was a good count for here. Most were in non-breeding plumage and numbers have been increasing, alongside with slender-billed gulls, over the last two months.  There are few other terns now: 10 or so Caspian and one Sandwich. One second year Mediterranean gull remains. After last weekend’s two summer plumaged adult Franklins gulls, it was surprising to find a “second year type” without a full black head or clear white primary tips. So at least 3 birds are in Dakar.

Waders remain in excellent variety, with 3 black-tailed godwits new amongst them and the first since February. Two black-winged stilt nests with sitting birds on the characteristic raised mounds were an exciting find for this very irregular Senegalese breeding species, after last years’ birds showing broken wing display here in July.

Records  shots of the characteristic nest of black-winged stilt- nest 1 and………

nest 2.



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