Four images from the end of January at Technopole

Here are images of four species from the two end of January visits to Technopole described in the previous post, photographed  by Flemming.

An adult (chestnut belly) grey-headed kingfisher. This species is often seen here, but not so often conveniently posed for photographs.

Northern wheatear. The golf course grasslands here, as with Dakar’s Meridien President Hotel golf course, have attracted a small number of birds throughout the “winter” so far.

Woodchat shrike. Quite possibly by accident, the small number of Technopole birds have all been females, with this diagnostic white forehead rather  than  the black mask.

Kittlitz’s plover. A Non-breeding plumage bird, lacking the black head marks. A few birds have been regular over the last month, but are sometimes difficult to find if roosting with their diagnostic orange head markings  hidden, amongst the much more numerous ringed plovers.



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