Sightings from Tanji and Brufut, The Gambia from Clive Barlow

Clive Barlow has kindly sent through summary sightings over the last four days from his local birding patch of Tanji Bird Reserve and Brufut, towards the western tip of the Gambian coast and about 160km SSE of Dakar. It will be fascinating to compare timing and sizes of bird movements between our two areas over the coming months. His observations have been made whilst in the field recording vocalisations of  the eastern (Orientalis) sub-species of curlew, originating from west Siberia and further east and the main wintering sub-species of our region.

Along the beach first winter sanderling are, as near Dakar, now abundant with high hundreds at Tanji. Hundreds of lesser-black backed gulls have returned, including Spanish and Norwegian ringed  birds and there are many ringed Sandwich terns.  Kelp gulls numbered 9 adults and 2 1st winter on 23rd.

First dates for some returning migrants in this period are northern wheatear on 21st (feeding on maggots in crab holes on the beach), redstart on 22nd and common whitethroat on 23rd. Other notable sightings have been an immature lanner stooping at the  tern roost (20th) and white wagtail in full song (21st). A huge green turtle Chelonia mydas washed up dead  on 22nd.

Away from the beach notable sightings include a pair of pied-winged swallows in display  and black-necked weavers  active at nest (23rd) and at Brufut Woods rufous cisticola vocal (23rd) and the forest specialist grey-headed  bristlebill (21st).



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