Sunday afternoon Club Calao, N’Gor

Tyson versus Balla Gaye 2 this evening, Senegalese wrestling if you did not know, is the big Dakar event today and there are plenty of lively small crowds already. With the temperature still creeping up, 32° as I type, the Club Calao was full of residents loafing around the swimming pool and larger rock pools used as trainee swimming pools. It was low tide, so I wandered out across the rocks to find no terns at all yet at the traditional roost, no waders and just one “white-breasted” cormorant.

The return scramble found this adult green-backed heron, which I disturbed fishing in the rock pools. It is more commonly a species of any slightly wooded wetlands, fresh or saline, but individuals often fishes here at low tide. It has the orange legs and yellow “lore” (in front of eye) of breeding plumage, most breeding occurring during and just after the rains.



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